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Single works

I put here the works, which have not any reasons for grouping.

Tactical Maniac 12.12.2005
My friend saw to me about 'Tactical Maniac' - men who like sensations very much. She has a kinaesthetic attitude too. I tried to imagine it for a long time. :)

Growing Generation 12.17.2005
Next generation as a result of the previous ones.


A flea 12.17.2005
For digressing of the gloomy thoughts :).


Creation 01.13.2006
A fancy for an idea: future humanity.

Dying soul 01.18.2006

Chaos-color-man 20.18.2006
There is a man inside. Can you see legs, hands, a body and a head? I can. :)

Dancing woman 26.01.2006
I dance salsa and I like women. They are graceful and elegant. I started to draw it when I was very sad, so the picture is sad a little.
Creature 01.02.2006
I wanted to draw some creature. Surrealistic one, spiritual one. It is a small dragon :)


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